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Download mp3 of Meh (Erica)


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Download mp3 of Bulbous (Noah)


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Download mp3 of Falumpalump (Lisa)


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Download mp3 of Zoom (Fuzzy)


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Download mp3 of Whoopsy (Noah)


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Download mp3 of Blewt (Lisa)

Podcast and new Onomatopoet


You can now subscribe to Onomatopoetically as a podcast in iTunes. (You can also subscribe, in other newsreader or podcast applications, to just the sounds using this link or to a full feed which includes occasional messages like this one using this link.)

We'd also like to welcome a new Onomatopoet to the site: Lisa Fairman. Lisa is an improviser, writer, snacker, and cat scratcher. You can currently catch her (through August 16 in Chicago) in WNEP Theater's Metaluna and The Amazing Science of the Mind Revue.


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Suggested by Lisa.

Download mp3 of Greemadoink (Fuzzy)


Suggested by sanjayrathod.

Download mp3 of Footballmatch (Lisa)


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